Ceramic Heater & Thermistor - P1P

Ceramic Heater & Thermistor - P1P

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The ceramic heater and thermistor for Bambu Lab P1P 3D printer are combined into one module with an integrated terminal connector. With this design, the reliability of the terminal connector under extreme conditions is improved.

The ceramic heater can heat the nozzle up to 300℃ while the thermistor has highly accurate temperature measurement and reliable structural design.

*Please confirm your printer model before making a purchase, as the connector may differ between the X1 Series version and the P1P version.

Learn more about the replacement of ceramic heater & thermistor on Bambu Lab Wiki.

In the Box
- Ceramic Heater & Thermistor * 3
- Thermal Grease * 3
- Retaining Clip * 3

P1P Exclusive