Complete Hotend Assembly - X1 Series

Complete Hotend Assembly - X1 Series

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X1 Series Exclusive

The Bambu Lab hotend features a unique all-in-one design that combines the heatsink, throat, heater block, and nozzle into a single unit. With this design, Bambu Lab hotends can heat up much faster than traditional hotends and avoid the risk of filament oozing or leaking at the nozzle and heat break interface.

Bambu Lab offers hotends in two configurations: a single hotend with nozzle and a complete hotend assembly. The complete hotend assembly includes: [1] hotend with nozzle, [2] a cooling fan, [3] a ceramic heater, [4] a thermistor, [5] a silicone sock. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use in your Bambu Lab 3D printer. If you need to swap your nozzle, you can either replace the hotend with nozzle on your original complete hotend assembly or replace the whole complete hotend assembly.